Monday, December 10, 2012

Song #46: You Don't Mind

I wrote this in a practice room during my last year in the music program at BYU (2008). I was in a Cold War Kids phase at the time so I tried to write something that sounded like "We Used to Vacation," including the tempo slow down parts. It also has some influence from the Sara Bareilles tune "Love Song."
The song is about a conversation between a world traveler (extreme extrovert) and a hermit (extreme introvert). Basically, the the traveler is trying to help the hermit work out the courage to come out of their shell and see the world. Sort of a metaphor I guess but try not to think too long about it too hard.

 This was a beast to record. As with the rest of these 50 songs, I played all the instruments. The tempo changes meant I couldn't really use a click track so I ended up recording the piano part first, then trying to add everything else on top of it. I took several takes of each part (along with some editing) to get the timing close enough to use. I'm proud of the guitar solo. I think it's pretty rocking.

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