Friday, December 30, 2011

The Start...

This is the beginning of a new project. The challenge is to record 50 songs in 50 weeks! Every monday I will post a new song recorded from the week before. The goal is to get input from friends and strangers on what I can do to make these songs better (for example, record a version with a piano, add a harmony vocal, change around the melody, cut out a verse, delete it and start over, etc.). I will periodically post new versions of the songs based on people's suggestions. For those you reading this who are into recording, if you come up with a cool part for one of the songs, you can email it to me and I'll do my best to incorporate it in the next version of the song. During the week, I will also post lyrics, pictures, videos, write about music that inspires me and whatever other fun things I can think of. At the end of the 50 weeks, I will come up with some sort of voting system to let people help me decide what songs will end up on my future album. I'll also come up with a Kickstarter at some point if you'd like to donate.

So there it is. I'm committed. 50 songs in 50 weeks! The first song will post on monday. Stay tuned!