Monday, March 19, 2012

Song #12: Hello Hello

So this puts me at about a quarter of the way through this project! Only 38 more to go. This week's tune is influenced by the feel of the Death Cab For Cutie song, "Coney Island" and by the elements of the sound of Portishead (the swung drum machine with the electronic piano - although my voice is not nearly as sexy as Beth Gibbons!). When I first wrote the song, though, I had something more in the mind of Train's "Drops of Jupiter" but as I started recording it, the feel just didn't seem right (maybe it needs a full band?) so it sorta morphed into what it is now.

Lyrically, it's about a fictional plane crash, which causes a shift in perspective about how one views one's life going forward (something along the lines of the TV show Lost). What do you think?

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