Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Song #23: Have I Loved You

This song is actually the very first song that I wrote with words! (I wrote a few piano instrumentals before then). It dates 15 years ago back to July of 1997 (according to my notes) when I had just turned 14 - and now I FINALLY recorded it! At the time, the song was much slower. I thought of it as a ballad patterned after the Beatles "In My Life" (where I not-so-subtly lifted the line from). The lyrics also very lovey-dovey like the early Beatles. Later on when my high school band was taking a break, I jammed with may buddy, Jeff, on sax and picked up the tempo, giving it the Jack Johnson meets Dave Matthews feel. Unfortunately, my friend was not in town to play sax so for purposes of this project, I decided to whistle the solo parts. I also added jembe, snaps, maracas, and bass guitar to fill it out. I think it works. It's not the best lyrics I've written but it's a snappy, catchy tune that I'm still proud of.

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  1. Enjoyed hearing this in a different way -- love the extra brightness. This has been one of my favorites, I can't believe it was your first. Bravo!