Friday, May 18, 2012

Song #17: No Wall

This song is influenced by the group the Beta Band. My first exposure to this group was a scene from the movie High Fidelity where one of their songs in played in the record store. I later witnessed the group open for Radiohead, which really got me into them. Their album, Hot Shots II is one of my all time favorite albums. But their song "Dry the Rain" (off their also excellent Three EPs album and the one featured in High Fidelity) is probably my favorite track of theirs.

So, as you will probably notice, my song heavily borrows on several of the production elements from "Dry the Rain": strummed acoustic guitar, layered drum machines, multiple tambourines, double tracked vocals, overdrive electric guitars, and a long and repetitive "Hey Jude" style ending with a fade out. What can say? I love it. This is one of my favorites in the project so far. Lyrically, the song is about being caught in a lie. What do you think?

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